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Family and kids Spanish program

Learning a new language at an early age increases your child’s cognitive abilities, expands their higher level thinking skills and raises their achievement in many subjects.In our Family and kids Spanish program, you will have the opportunity to learn and have with your family at the same time. Learning together But not only the children learn, […]


How to learn Spanish in a short time in Costa Rica

We want to learn Spanish in a short time, but it is often the case that after months of attending a traditional course the student finds that he does not listen well, forgets the words and goes blank at the moment of accommodate ideas.


Spanish Study Abroad in Costa Rica? Why SEPA Spanish School?

Spanish study abroad in Costa Rica at SEPA Spanish Language School?  So, why not sign up for a Spanish study abroad program in Panama or Mexico or some other location? There are two major points to consider when one is deciding where to take Spanish classes abroad to learn Spanish faster: The excellence of the program The safety of […]