Standard Spanish Program

Standard Spanish Program

Most people start with our ‘Basic Perfect Package’.

Standard Spanish Program

Most people start with the  Standard Spanish Program and then add to it, if they want personal training, tours, or volunteer work.

These small Spanish classes are just right for people of any age who wish to learn Spanish as quickly as possible. We work in groups of 2-4 students (except under unique circumstances).

You have two options:  

  1. Standard Spanish Program: A total of 15 hours of Spanish classes per week
  2. Intensive Spanish Program: A total of 20 hours per week

SEPA Spanish School schedule:

Spanish Classes are from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 11:00 or 8:00 to 12:00 pm, depending on whether you chose 3-hour or 4-hour classes, with a 15-minute coffee break.

One more option: If you want to really step it up, you can also take an additional hour(s) of individual Spanish lessons with a personal trainer (after your group class), for the low cost of $15 per hour!

It’s that simple!  All you have to decide is how many weeks or months you want.  We hold to our goal to offer affordable Spanish Schools in Costa Rica.

Prices: Click here to see our affordable prices!

Compare our prices to other Spanish schools in Costa Rica and you’ll see what affordable means!

Payment and Additional information:

  • Enrollment form required at least 3 weeks prior to joining us
  • Payment required at least one day prior to first day of classes
  • Prices include homestay, tuition, city tour, activities, class materials
  • Tours not included but you can sign up for weekend tours at affordable prices
  • Homestay includes breakfast, dinner, laundry, and a loving family
  • Alternate lodging: Hotel or Apartment lodgings are significantly more expensive and do not include meals or laundry; however, if you would rather not stay with a Costa Rican family this time, we can arrange for you to stay in a hotel.
  • Learning with personal trainer: In the event that there are no groups at your level, your program switches to intensive individual instruction with a personal trainer for two hours per day.


SEPA Spanish School wants to make your dream AFFORDABLE.  Click here to enroll now!

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