Family and kids Spanish program

Family and kids Spanish program

Learning a new language at an early age increases your child’s cognitive abilities, expands their higher level thinking skills and raises their achievement in many subjects.In our Family and kids Spanish program, you will have the opportunity to learn and have with your family at the same time.

Learning together

But not only the children learn, as partents, you can sign in for one of our Spanish programs. You will be place in different classrooms, so you can learning according to your pace. Although you will place on different classes, sometimes you will be together.65314670_2622939267716366_1393455809374978048_n

Specially for our outdoor activities like the visit to the farmer´s market, where children learn more about the culture and interact with native speakers.

The childrens classes are fun and dynamic. They learn through games and activities according to their age. Also, they have the opportunity to relate with native students to practice their communication and be immersion in a 100% spanish environment.

However, the parents classes are more focus on grammar and specific survivor Spanish, also, you will put into practice the four different skils (listening-reading-speaking-writing). Alhough classes are separate, you will all enjoy of the same homestay.

Most of our homestya have children and we coordinate it according to your childrens ages. This is a good opportunity for them, to get involve with native speaker who share the same interests.

Therefore, if you want to visit Costa Rica and at the same time learn the language with your family, this is the program for you.


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