Spanish Classes for Seniors

Sometimes, as a thriving retired senior, it’s just nice to learn Spanish with people of your own age group and interests.


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Sometimes, as a thriving retired senior, it’s just nice to learn Spanish with people of your own age group and interests.  Don’t be afraid – it’s never too late to learn Spanish! We work with you step-by-step, in a relaxing setting – no pressure.

Spanish for Seniors focuses on vocabulary that centers around your daily life and new hobbies.  It’s fun because you can focus a little more on your own personal interest areas.  Whatever you are into, we are into, to help you learn Spanish faster!

Payment and Additional information:

  • Enrollment form required, as soon as possible .
  • Payment required, before starting classes.
  • Prices include homestay, tuition, welcome lunch, city tour, activities, and class materials.
  • Tours are not included but you can sign up for weekend tours at affordable prices.
  • Homestay includes breakfast, dinner, laundry, and a loving family (included in all programs).
  • Alternative Lodging (not included in our programs): Hotel or apartment lodgings are significantly more expensive.  If  you choose not to stay with a Costa Rican family this time, we can arrange for you to stay in a hotel.
  • Learning with personal trainer, if no groups available: In the event that there are no groups at your level, your program switches to intensive individual instruction with a personal trainer for 2 hours per day for the same price as the 4-hour group rate.
  • Learning with personal trainer for all your instruction: On the other hand, if you choose to work with a personal trainer, regardless of whether there are groups at your level, you can receive one-on-one instruction at $18 per hour.
  • Learning with personal trainer after group instruction: Personal trainer instruction is available for one-on-one teaching in addition to your daily group instruction for $18 per hour. (All prices are in US dollars).
  • Walk to and from school: Nearly all home stays are within walking distance of SEPA.
  • Schedule: Spanish classes are Monday to Friday, 8am to 12pm with a 15-minute snack break.  For those taking afternoon classes, classes are from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, with a 15-minute snack break.
  • Services available on campus: Wireless, Internet, Snacks and Drinks

Come to SEPA Spanish School to Learn by Living.  We want to launch you into new Spanish adventures. Click here to enroll!

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