Spanish for Travelers


Reasons why you should visit Costa Rica during the green season.

Better Rates: Costa Rica has a two different tourism seasons: the high season (December – April) and the low season (generally May -November). Hotels or Tours can be significant low-priced during this time. Sunny Mornings, Rainy Afternoons:  During the rainy season you will appreciate of sunny mornings and rainy nights, this gives you plenty of time to […]


Seniors Program: Patrick and Carol´s testimony.

The Experience – SEPA Spanish School Costa Rica Today we said “hasta luego” for the last time as we started our walk to the bus stop in town from SEPA Spanish School. After attending two weeks of “Survival Spanish” classes we were sad at leaving. We’d met interesting people and our Spanish had advanced from […]


Field Trip to Rey Curré. “El juego de los diablitos”

The Spanish Language School SEPA, is known for its Spanish classes and for offering its students the best cultural inmersion. The class is divide into grammar, games and field trips. As part of their program, our MHCC students  enjoyed this adventure. On Friday, January 26, students immersed themselves into cultural knowledge.  Thus, they  learned about the indigenous […]


How to learn Spanish in a short time in Costa Rica

We want to learn Spanish in a short time, but it is often the case that after months of attending a traditional course the student finds that he does not listen well, forgets the words and goes blank at the moment of accommodate ideas.


SEPA Spanish Language School Students Prepare for El Veranillo de San Juan

SEPA Spanish Language School invites you to study with us during your summer and our winter. SEPA Spanish Language School students from the Overland Program (based in the United States) are preparing for El Veranillo de San Juan (The Little Summer of St. John).  This is a natural phenomenon that occurs each year in late […]


Supersize your travel fun: Take Spanish for Travelers at SEPA!

Get your Spanish language training while you travel! Spanish for Travelers is just the course to take to make your trip to Costa Rica the best trip you ever had. Think about all the other trips you’ve had to other countries.  You go there, but you can’t really interact beyond pantomime, Google translator and meaningful […]