Spanish classes and homestay


Homestay at SEPA School-by Christine and Bob Madar.

Another amazing experience for Bob and me at SEPA school comes to an end. Once again we are grateful to our professors, our host family and SEPA’s director for helping us fulfill our hopes and expectations. In addition to a rigorous and fun 5 weeks of instruction we thoroughly enjoyed our home stay. Last year, […]


Typical Costa Rican meals

Costa Rica is not only one of the most popular destinations in the world for ecotourism, it also has unique cuisine that reflects the customs and identity of Costa Ricans.


Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica: just the ticket to learn Spanish faster!

How will Spanish Immersion help me learn Spanish faster? Have you ever wondered how you can take a whole semester of Spanish in school and still barely be able to speak a word of it?  I recall a brilliant young man named Justin, who was a wizard at conjugating every sort of verb tense after […]


Spanish Study Abroad in Costa Rica? Why SEPA Spanish School?

Spanish study abroad in Costa Rica at SEPA Spanish Language School?  So, why not sign up for a Spanish study abroad program in Panama or Mexico or some other location? There are two major points to consider when one is deciding where to take Spanish classes abroad to learn Spanish faster: The excellence of the program The safety of […]