How?  SEPA Spanish School makes the learning dig down deeper and faster with three powerful learning agents:

  • STUDY SPANISH: You get dynamic, daily small-group instruction by outstanding, well-trained,  native Spanish instructors, approved by the Costa Rica Department of Education. We teach Spanish grammar while emphasizing conversation. Flexibility and the use of the best techniques and methodology (best practices) enable us to teach you Spanish according to your needs.
  • LIVE SPANISH: You get total Spanish language immersion through our homestay program – live with a family to learn Spanish in Costa Rica! Our families are friendly, helpful, and carefully chosen to best match you. Living the Spanish language ‘up close and personal’ catapults you forward in your ability to learn Spanish faster.
  • VOLUNTEER AND ENJOY SPANISH: Volunteer Service Projects that matter and Exciting Adventure Excursions combine work with pleasure, leaving your mark on this beautiful country, and her beautiful mark on you.

“I have studied Spanish at private schools in Ecuador, Mexico, and Canada, and I feel that SEPA is the best overall school that I have used.  I highly recommend them!”

Paul Halychuk, Project Supervisor, Canada World Youth – NetCorps Program   halychuk@hotmail.com


Our Spanish programs rock! Check them out.

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