How to learn Spanish in a short time in Costa Rica

How to learn Spanish in a short time in Costa Rica

We want to learn Spanish in a short time, but it is often the case that after months of attending a traditional course the student finds that he does not listen well, forgets the words and goes blank at the moment of accommodate ideas.

That is normal when using traditional techniques. He may have learned to communicate with his teachers and classmates, but he is frightened when it comes to holding a conversation with different people.

The dilemma is that Spanish is not only learned: it is lived, used and enjoyed. With teaching, dynamics and experiences led by professors committed to excellence, learning Spanish is easy and fast.

In our Spanish Language School and Environmental Protection Center (SEPA School), we have a wide experience in teaching Spanish.

We teach you fast and accurate Spanish, through programs and strategies that will allow you to interact with the ordinary citizen from the first day of School. At SEPA, the teaching process is comprehensive. The student learns Spanish through an attractive practice that includes shopping, visits to the market, requesting food in the restaurant, visits to nature reserves, working with students in public Schools and health institutions, volunteering in environmental protection projects, among others.

At SEPA, we reinforce curricula with a variety of strategies that include real life experiences, led by bilingual Spanish teachers, graduated from Costa Rican universities and endorsed by the Costa Rican Education System. In addition to their academic training, each SEPA Spanish teacher is prepared through additional training in order to guide students to enjoy Costa Rica – with its natural beauties, its people, its culture and its idiosyncrasies – all while learning Spanish.

Programs to learn Spanish quickly

Our curriculum is designed for high school students, college students, groups, families, professionals, researchers, teachers, senior citizens, residents and travelers of all ages.

In order to make the programs more accessible and flexible, those interested have the opportunity to decide when they want to start the course and for how many weeks they want to take it. As a complement, they can opt for personalized curricula.

At SEPA Spanish School we show that Spanish is better assimilated by living the experience in our own country.

We are in San Isidro de El General, Perez Zeledon, a picturesque tropical city, surrounded by natural forests, near the national parks Chirripó and National Marino Ballena and only 30 minutes from the Costa Rican Pacific coast, where natural reserves and beaches abound.

It is the ideal place for volunteers – and all those who want to – to learn Spanish by living it. Learn Spanish fast and easy! Contact us now!

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