Spanish Language Personal Trainer

Spanish Language Personal Trainer

These Spanish classes are appropriate for people of any age who wish to learn Spanish as quickly as possible.

Your Own Spanish Language Personal Trainer!

Anybody who has participated in sports, worked out at a gym, learned to play an instrument – basically anybody who has tackled a new field of learning – knows that the way to really jump start your success is to hook up with a personal trainer. We know this at SEPA Spanish School as well, and have prepared a number of Spanish Language Personal Trainer to work with you.

In this individual program you go ‘full out’ with a personal trainer for an extra hour or two after your group instruction or even for all your daily instruction.  Together you target and tackle the specific language topics you need to master. Due to the intensity of this style of learning students often choose to go for two hours per day. (Prices are based on two hours per day.) The good thing is, you can decide after you get here whether to keep it at two hours or increase it to more.

Combine Spanish personal trainer + group instruction:

Many students find that the best way to learn Spanish faster is to work with a group for several hours and then add an hour or more of instruction with a personal trainer.  We highly recommend this combination, especially if you are pressed to learn Spanish as fast as possible.

Need a specific vocabulary other than general Spanish?

If you need a specific vocabulary area (real estate, environmental science, child care, education – you name it and we can create it) just let us know when you enroll and we’ll design your Technical Spanish for Professionals around it.

Homestay:  A critical part of your Spanish language learning occurs during your homestay lodging where you live with a family to learn Spanish in Costa Rica.  Nothing jumpstarts your ability to speak faster than having to rely on Spanish to get your needs met and enjoying daily small talk with your family.

Payment and Additional information:

Reach your success with your very own Spanish Language Personal Trainer!

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