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Online Spanish Classes Just Got Better!

Not ready to come to Costa Rica?  Or maybe you want to continue the Spanish classes you started when you were here at our Spanish language school in Costa Rica. Contact us to set up your personal trainer online Spanish classes!  We are ready to meet you ‘halfway’ through the internet, where you can be here without leaving home.

You get your first online Spanish lesson free – give it a try before you decide!

Setting up for your online Spanish classes is simple:

1)    Open a Skype account so you and your personal Spanish trainer can see each other online.

2)    Open a Google Cloud account so you can receive assignments and share written information online.

3)    Set up a weekly schedule for your online Spanish classes.

4)    Make your payment to SEPA Spanish School.

Create your learning schedule:

Our goal is to fit ourselves to your schedule.  Your personal Spanish trainer is available morning, afternoon, or evening, 7 days a week.  It’s best to take 1-hour Spanish classes 3 times a week, but, if needed you could try a different schedule, such as one 1-hour Spanish class and one 2-hour class per week if you would prefer.  We are here to serve you.

How we teach Spanish online classes:

The design of the Spanish class is largely based on you – this class will move at your pace. That’s the beauty of our online Spanish classes. It’s not a lock-step booklet that every student must complete. If you are already strong in a certain area, we won’t waste your time with needless repetition.  If you want more work in a certain area, you’ve got it!

Conversation and listening are an important part of your online Spanish lessons, but you can set the topics you want to concentrate on.  At the same time, we’ll keep you moving forward in Spanish grammar and how to put sentences together correctly.

Last of all, our Spanish online language instruction follows the same dynamic teaching style that we use for our students who come to SEPA Spanish School in person.  It is based on the latest proven teaching methods.

Besides being endorsed by the Costa Rica Department of Education, all of our teachers have been trained in SEPA Spanish language learning methodology. You will see really fun videos that help emphasize what you’re learning as well as great visual aids.  This is not pen and pencil learning.  It’s engaging!

Affordable Spanish classes:

We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable Spanish schools in Costa Rica. To start with, you get your first hour of Spanish lessons free (to see if you like it), then you purchase your classes. Each class lasts 60 minutes.  The cost is $20 per class (U.S. dollars).  We ask that you purchase 12 sessions at a time, which comes to 3 sessions per week (at 60 minutes each) for $216.  Check out other online Spanish language sites.  You’ll find that ours is the most affordable, while still being of the highest quality!

Once your schedule is set, it’s important to stick to your Spanish lesson schedule as much as possible AND COMPLETE THE FULL 12 HOURS EACH MONTH (which is not hard to do).  In order to avoid overloading your schedule and your teacher’s schedule during the next month, if by the end of the month you have only completed 11 hours, the remaining hour can’t be made up during the next month.

If you should need to cancel a lesson, you must cancel sufficiently in advance.  If your lesson can be rescheduled within a reasonable amount of time you won’t lose your lesson time.  Our goal is to teach you Spanish, so we will do all we can to make it happen, as long as we can do it without double loading our teachers’ schedules.

If you pay for three months of online Spanish classes at a time, you get an additional 2 hours of Spanish instruction for free!

How to pay for your online Spanish lessons:

Payments for your online Spanish lessons must be done through PayPal.  Our PayPal email address is:  Sepa@ice.co.cr.  Just click here to jump to the PayPal link to make your payment!

Please feel free to ask any questions you might still have on our contact us page.  No question is too big or too small.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to try out your free Spanish online class!

Thinking about taking Spanish classes live in Costa Rica?  Check out all our excellent Spanish language programs in Costa Rica! You’ll be glad you signed up!


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