Spanish Study Abroad in Costa Rica?  Why SEPA Spanish School?

Spanish Study Abroad in Costa Rica? Why SEPA Spanish School?

Spanish study abroad in Costa Rica at SEPA Spanish Language School?  So, why not sign up for a Spanish study abroad program in Panama or Mexico or some other location?

There are two major points to consider when one is deciding where to take Spanish classes abroad to learn Spanish faster:

  1. The excellence of the program
  2. The safety of the location in terms of:
  • crime rate
  • clean water
  • health care
  • attitude toward non-English speakers
  • financial standing of the nation
  • stability of the government
  • technological support

Spanish Study Abroad at SEPA Spanish Language School in SEPA - SchoolCosta Rica means Excellence

Let’s start by considering the quality of the Spanish Abroad Program at SEPA Spanish Language School. In existence since 1998, SEPA has a long track record of excellence. It has remained in the capable and knowledgeable hands of Nidia Gamboa during all this time. SEPA’s amazing teachers are endorsed by the Costa Rica Department of Education. The SEPA methodology is based on a tantalizing mix of dynamic Spanish classes, meaningful volunteer work, and an outstanding homestay program. The three of these work as a super-power to provide you with the perfect balance of Spanish classes and homestay: your perfect trinity of total Spanish immersion. Plus, you’ll quickly discover that SEPA Spanish Language School is one of the most affordable Spanish Schools in Costa Rica.

Which is the safest country for Spanish study abroad?

View of beautiful San Isidro from SEPA Spanish Language School

View of beautiful San Isidro from SEPA Spanish Language School

I can save you valuable time researching the ‘safest countries for Spanish Study Abroad Programs.’  Costa Rica ranks highest as the most secure country to learn the Spanish language! I have to add that it is the most beautiful and ecologically diversified place as well!  Even more, I am happy to tell you that San Isidro de El General (home of SEPA Spanish Language School) ranks significantly higher than other schools in Costa Rica since it is away from the metropolis of San Jose and heavy tourist areas. Yet it is only an hour away from sandy Pacific beaches.



Spanish Classes Abroad studying and relaxingHow will the safety factor help me learn Spanish faster through my Spanish Study Abroad Program?

When you are safe, you are relaxed.  When you are relaxed, you learn more.  If you want to learn Spanish faster, you need to be absolutely certain that you’re in the right area. So let’s talk about the kind of safety you need to look for in your Spanish abroad program.

Your Spanish Study Abroad Program and the local crime rate:

First, check out the country’s crime rate. Costa Rica has a significantly lower crime rate than all her Latin American neighbors. Even so, the larger metropolis of San Jose, as well as popular tourist towns, still struggle with crime. So, for your absolute safest option, come to the beautiful, old mountain valley town of San Isidro de El General (home of SEPA Spanish Language School). Here, San Isidro residents are just enough removed from the heavy hand of tourism to enjoy a relatively crime-free existence. Many people find relaxing evening strolls through her beautifully lit streets, with cheerful music streaming out of her colorful cantinas, irresistible.

Spanish classes study abroad program and health careYour Spanish Study Abroad Program and the Health Care System:

Second, look at the rankings of the health care system. Costa Rica is the jewel of medical tourism.  Many insurance companies in the United States even give their clients the option of coming to Costa Rica for surgery because of the excellence and the affordability of the Costa Rican medical system. When you’re in a foreign country, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that optimum health care is available!

Your Spanish Study Abroad Program and the Water System:

Third, look at the water system. Nobody wants to their vacation ruined by ‘Montezuma’s revenge!’  Clean water is a number one agent in keeping people healthy. This point has been driven home with devastating sadness in Flint, Michigan. Costa Rica prides herself on the purity of her water and ranks above all Central American countries. As a matter of fact, Costa Rica has a ‘blue zone’ which means that the average lifespan is higher than anywhere in the world, even in the United States. On the Happy Planet Index Costa Rica is given the highest ranking (on a scale of 1 – 6) for having the best life expectancy, experienced well-being, and Ecological Footprint.

Your Spanish Study Abroad Program and the Friendliness Index: happy-ticos

Fourth, look at the friendliness index of the people. There is nothing worse than to be plunked into a country where its citizens treat tourists as a general nuisance and have no desire to be helpful. Politeness and friendliness have been cultivated through generations in Costa Rica. This is one of the many reasons she has become one of the favorite tourist sites worldwide. Costa Ricans not only appreciate, they enjoy, their foreign visitors and tourists. And many tourists count themselves lucky to bask in the love and helpfulness of these naturally friendly people.  

Your Spanish Study Abroad Program and Banking Support: BCR ATM Machines in San Isidro make banking a cinch

Fifth, look at the ease of doing financial transactions. Costa Rica’s largest resource is tourism. Is it no wonder, then that the government knows they must provide easy banking options for her visitors.  You can use your credit cards freely. There are ATM machines widely available even in the smaller cities. For example, San Isidro de El General, has a number of ATM machines. It also sports several excellent large bank branches, such as Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) and Banco Nacional.

Your Spanish Study Abroad Program and Communications Support:

Sixth, look at your communications support. Along with pure water, education, excellent health care, friendly people, and financial infrastructure, Costa Rica has long valued technological progress. Cell phones, Wi-Fi, internet: these are all available in most locations.

Your Spanish Study Abroad Program and Political Stability:

Seventh, look at the stability of the government.  You don’t want to end up in the midst of political unrest. Costa Rica is a democratic country. She has enjoyed a peaceful, stable government for more than sixty years.  She works in tandem with the United States government, as well as many other English-speaking embassies on many levels, supporting foreign citizens, as well as her own.

Once you have considered all of these factors in choosing your Spanish Classes Abroad Program, the right choice becomes quickly evident. You can’t go wrong with SEPA’s Spanish Classes Abroad Programs in beautiful Costa Rica. I hope this article has been helpful to you!  Here’s to your next beautiful and safe learning adventure! 

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