Survival Spanish for Travelers in Costa Rica

Jennifer Jew- Toronto Canada - November 2005

You just made the big decision: I’m taking a trip to Costa Rica! But you want your trip to be more than communicating with eye-catching hand signals.


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You want to get to know our culture,  speak Spanish with our beautiful Costa Rican people, and be able to take care of business (make hotel reservations, rent a car, order food, go to the bank, shop).  You want your communication to be more meaningful than dramatic pantomime and brilliant Pictionary drawings on napkins.

At SEPA Spanish School we’ll “cut to the chase” and get you the right vocabulary and phrases you need to make your trip to Costa Rica the best trip ever!

Already fluent in Spanish? At SEPA Spanish School we’ll teach you phrases and interactions that are unique to Costa Rica!

“The week our family spent at SEPA was the highlight of our first time visit to Costa Rica. Later in our travels, people were amazed at how much Spanish we learned in one week.” Fred Kosnitsky, January 2012

Optimize your traveling experience!  Learn best by being one of us.  Click here to prepare for the most exciting trip ever!

One Week Price: US 525.00

Includes:  a total of 12 hours of personal Spanish training (you can divide them up however you want) class materials, welcoming lunch, and a tour of the city. In your home stay, you receive a private bedroom, breakfast, dinner, and laundry service. Also included, but optional, are a field trip to the local farmer’s market and hiking to the Fudebiol Reserve.

Spanish classes are from Monday to Friday.

GROUP DISCOUNT! If you are coming as a group, you can receive more hours of Spanish classes for the same price!


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