Why study Spanish in San Isidro de El General at SEPA School?

Why study Spanish in San Isidro de El General at SEPA School?

Trying to decide whether to study Spanish in San Jose or San Isidro de El General?

Although San Jose and San Isidro de El General are both in Costa Rica each one will give you a completely different Spanish School experience.  You’ll still learn Spanish, but in San Jose, you’ll be surrounded by a lot more English speakers because it’s an international city as opposed to the small town city of San Isidro de El General.  The weather is different, the safety factor is different, the people are different, and the cultural experience is different.  Fortunately, the resources available are just as good in either place.


Due to the difference in altitude between San Jose (3500 feet) and San Isidro de El General (2200 feet), the temperature is much more favorable in San Isidro.  San Jose tends to be 10 degrees cooler and extremely windy.  On the other hand, if you are considering studying at one of the popular beach towns, you’ll be dealing with really uncomfortable heat and humidity, in addition to more exposure to mosquitos.

San Isidro is the perfect town with the perfect climate to many people who live in Costa Rica!  SEPA Spanish School, located in San Isidro de El General, is located on a soft breezy hill over looking the beautiful country town.  It’s the perfect place to live and learn Spanish!


You would be surprised at the difference in climate since San Jose and San Isidro are only 3 hours apart from each other: that is, until you consider that in Costa Rica the only thing you need to do to change your climate is to go UP for cloudier and windier or go DOWN for warmer and sunnier.  San Isidro’s daily highs and lows can vary as much as 10 degrees as opposed to the 15 degree change in San José, which is also known by many expats as the windy city (much like Chicago).

The dry season for both cities runs from December to April, with the rainy season running most notably during September and October. But the similarity ends there.  Let’s talk about San Isidro first. The temperature variance in San Isidro varies from 65 to 85 during the dry season.  The temperature variance in San Jose is much wider, ranging from 57 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit (16 – 31 Celsius). You can find more information about the daily average temperatures in San Isidro at: http://www.world-climates.com/city-climate-san-isidro-costa-rica-north-america/ You can find more information about San José’s daily temperatures at http://www.san-jose.climatemps.com/temperatures.php

When you compare the two cities, you find that the better location for your Spanish Abroad program is in San Isidro.  You also note that it is a lot closer to the beautiful Pacific beaches (within a half an hour).


Many visitors to the beautiful San Isidro have been astonished at the welcome that foreigners receive here.  They love the old-country flavor of the town.  Taking evening walks are safe in San Isidro, yet highly discouraged in the much larger metropolis of San José.  San José suffers from the same unfortunate difficulties that other large international cities experience: a much higher crime rate.

If you want to study Spanish in Costa Rica and are looking for a safe, culturally rich town for your experience, come to SEPA Spanish School in San Isidro.  You won’t be disappointed!


As the adventure hub and a country farm town, you are delighted to discover the rich culture of old Costa Rica here in San Isidro.  If you are really serious about learning Spanish, this is the place to do it, where you are surrounded by Spanish speakers, as compared to the many English speakers found in San José. Here you get to experience the ‘real’ Costa Rica and her delightfully friendly people.  At SEPA Spanish Language School, people are thrilled with the homestay aspect of their Spanish Abroad program.  The full immersion into Costa Rican culture cannot be matched!


You will be pleased about the resources available to you, whether you choose San José, or San Isidro, as your learning base.  Wi-Fi, internet, cell phone range, television reception, office support are available in both locations. But when you add to this all the positives of studying Spanish in San Isidro, the decision is clear.

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