Summer Spanish Programs and teen camp in Costa Rica

Summer Spanish Programs and teen camp in Costa Rica

The opportunity for a teenager to learn Spanish, fast and easy, is twice as effective if teaching programs are complemented by entertainment and skills development.

At SEPA Spanish School we offer teens the opportunity to escape from the closed classroom and the rigid program so they can learn Spanish on the go through camps that can include visits to nature reserves, nature conservation projects, agricultural fairs, educational institutions, among others.

The learning plans we propose at SEPA are fun, interactive and proven educational and cultural experiences. The options vary according to the preferences and possibilities of each student.

Living Spanish in Costa Rica

It is possible to integrate study groups, with flexible hours, family accommodation, volunteer work and visits to projects or adventure travel, locally or in the rest of the national territory.

As one of our teachers explains: “Students come to experience Costa Rican culture first hand and work on vocabulary and grammar through a combination of practical classes outside of class …”.

In other words, the student learns Spanish through an attractive practice that includes shopping, visits to the market, ordering food from the restaurant at the local producer’s fair, going to the cinema or doing transactions at the bank, as well as volunteering in environmental protection projects.

In our Spanish Language School and Environmental Protection Center (SEPA), time is taken by a process of learning Spanish that is lived and enjoyed.

Testimony of one of the group leaders:

To Nidia, Ligia, Stefania and Paula, thank you all so much for making our job as leaders a little bit easier. You treated us like family, were great company/ companions, and above all you created a desire within the students to learn. Read more

Spanish courses for children and teenagers

Our teaching plans are comprehensive and have the guidance of professors graduated in Costa Rican universities endorsed by the Costa Rican Education System and committed to excellence.

In addition to having the necessary academic preparation, SEPA Spanish teachers are prepared through an additional training, in order to make it easier for students to enjoy the natural beauties, the people, the culture and the idiosyncrasies of Costa Ricans.

Our Spanish language school SEPA Spanish School is in San Isidro de El General, Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica. We invite you to take advantage of our Spanish programs, contact us now, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

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