Reasons why you should visit Costa Rica during the green season.

Reasons why you should visit Costa Rica during the green season.

Better Rates:

Costa Rica has a two different tourism seasons: the high season (December – April) and the low season (generally May -November). Hotels or Tours can be significant low-priced during this time.

Sunny Mornings, Rainy Afternoons: 

During the rainy season you will appreciate of sunny mornings and rainy nights, this gives you plenty of time to enjoy your Spanish classes and different tours in the early hours of the day and enjoy your afternoon peaceful with the sound of the rain.

Green biodiversity: 

Costa Rica is best known for being a green country. During the rainy season, you can enjoy of greener views.

Caribbean Coast:

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has the best climate during the months of September and October, the beaches and National Parks in this area are worth visiting. Also, during October you can enjoy of the Caribbean Carnivals. During a full week, you will enjoy of delightful food and animated music.

Whale Watching: 

If one of your interests is having the opportunity to go on a dolphin and whale watching tour, the green season is the perfect time.

Although both whales and dolphins can be spotted other times of the year, the humpback whales show up in large numbers as they migrate to warmer waters during the months of September and October.

Marino Ballena National Park  hosts a Whale Watching Festival during this time. Many other companies offer whale watching tours as well.

Turtle spawning:

If you want to have the opportunity to observer the nesting of sea turtles, Tortuguero in the Caribbean is the perfect place, and the green season is an ideal time to catch this amazing phenomenon.

Ostional Wildlife Refuge, located in Guanacaste is also a site of arrival of thousands of sea turtles. Playa Grande is another great place to see the arrival of Baula Sea Turtles. Turtles start arriving the last week of October.




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