Typical Costa Rican meals

Typical Costa Rican meals

Costa Rica is not only one of the most popular destinations in the world for ecotourism, it also has unique cuisine that reflects the customs and  identity of Costa Ricans. Costa Rican cultural cuisine has three  influences: The aborigine, the European and the African.

Due to its geographical position, Costa Rica has been both a biological and cultural bridge between the north and the south of the American continent throughout its history. This results in the country to producing unique food products. Costa Rica is enriched by its coasts, which allows a Costa Rican family to enjoy  the different products of both the sea and their land at their table.

The Costa Rica cultural cuisine is divided into different regions:

Costa Rican Cultural Cuisine

Gastronomy of the Central Valley:

The Central Valley covers the provinces of San José, Heredia, Cartago and Alajuela. Spanish cuisine, in combination with aboriginal and Caribbean elements, has a strong influence in the area. The pot of meat, sweets and pastries such as prestiños, sweet and salty empanadas and the famous arroz con leche are some of its main dishes.

Gastronomy of Guanacaste:

Guanacaste is characterized by the production of corn, rice and beans. It has pre-Columbian and colonial influences. These influences are manifested in the various dishes made from corn. Chorreadas, tortillas, mazamorra and pozol are some of their main dishes and are considered to be part of the cultural heritage.

Gastronomy of Puntarenas:

Traditionally, Puntarenas is the epicenter of artisanal fishing. So, its cuisine is related to seafood. Ceviche is the main dish. Others dishes, such as rice with seafood, seafood soup, patacon and escabeche are part of its cuisine. The Churchill and the coconut cajeta are the most popular desserts in this region.

Gastronomy of Limón:

Limón differs from the rest of the provinces of the country. It has a varied tropical cuisine with different flavors. Its main dishes are rice & beans, patí, rondón and panbón. The cuisine is popular due to the use of coconut milk in all its preparations.

At SEPA SCHOOL, we not only teach our students about the language, but they also learn about Costa Rican cultural cuisine. One of our students favorite class is our cooking class. In the cooking class students learn about Costa Rican gastronomy and the diversity of dishes.

Below is one of the recipes requested most by the Spanish students in this class. .



  • water, the necessary
  • ½ kg of corn flour
  • salt to taste
  • oil for frying
  • grated cheese to taste


  1. In a bowl, place the flour, water and salt. Mix well until a homogeneous and manageable mass is obtained.
  2. Make tortillas and, in the middle, add the mashed and prepared beans. Also add grated cheese to taste.
  1. Fold the tortillas, close the edge well and fry until golden brown.

The empanadas can be filled with beans, cheese, meat, chicken or with any ingredient of your choice.The empanadas is a dish that people eat for breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon.

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