Spanish Classes and Volunteer in Costa Rica

Spanish Classes and Volunteer in Costa Rica

Thousands of communities from all around the world can see the transformative effects of projects carried out by young volunteers who come up with the desire to be useful and leave their mark.
Volunteer often come up with useful ideas for the projects and, at the same time, they initiate a process of personal change and learning based on relate with people from other cultures and customs.

Volunteering has a lot of benefits for everybody: it helps communities, eliminates prejudices, and promotes a conscious and social welfare improvement process. Volunteering strives for a world full of possibilities and people enjoying helping and learning.

An interactive program at SEPA School

That learning process, associated with social work and volunteer programs, is the essence of the Spanish language teaching programs we carry out in our Spanish Language School and Environmental Protection Center (known as SEPA).

Our Spanish teaching programs start with a basic knowledge that the student must acquire in the course of at least one week at the SEPA School in San Isidro de El General, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica, in order to begin to communicate correctly.

Volunteer Program

As part of the program and with a basic knowledge of the language, students will have the opportunity to participate in such attractive projects as watershed protection, sea turtle defense plans, help social welfare institutions, activities in nature parks or contributing to educational institutions.

Participating in these or other projects allows volunteers to contribute to the community while learning Spanish, which allows the student to master the language in a fast, efficient and attractive way.

Our programs are prepared and developed by professors graduated in Costa Rican universities and supported by the Ministry of Public Education. In our school we teach Spanish in an efficient and fast way; but we also make a contribution to citizens’ education by providing a broader vision of the world and the commitment to help society and the environment.

Contact us now, through our website or our phone/fax numbers: (506) 2771-5586. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and make our contribution to your Spanish learning project.

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