Voluneeter programs at SEPA School

Voluneeter programs at SEPA School

SEPA School, has a volunteer program for groups and individual students, who wish to contribute their help to communities, public schools and the environment.

This program pursues three important conditions:

  1. Be unselfish: any benefit or bonus is not pursued for their support.
  2. An end, a purpose: We seek to make a change, a positive improvement in the place where we work.
  3. Be justified: responds to the real need of the beneficiary, so it is not a hobby or entertainment.

Above all, for the SEPA School team, this volunteer program is very important, as it implies a company name.


Public Schools and communities.

The reason for working with public schools is to directly and indirectly benefit those small rural communities that need motivation to improve their conditions, since often the aid does not arrive, that is why SEPA Volunteering is cooperative with projects of beautification, such as:

  • Gardening and green areas.
  • Paint indoors and outdoors in classrooms or walls.
  • Sanding and painting desks.
  • Reforestation in areas that warrant it.
  • Among others requested by the institutions and in which we can offer them help.

We have worked with several institutions  such as:

  • Miraflores School
  • El Peje School
  • La Ceniza School
  • San Blas School
  • Mira Valles School
  • Pedregoso School
  • Calderón School
  • Sinai School
  • Pedregoso School

With which, we have had an incredible relationship and interaction of our groups with the students and faculty of each of the public schools and colleges, not only have we collaborated in the beautification of the institutions, but they have also served as a platform for our students achieve practice and learn Spanish in a more direct way and in real situations.

Las Quebradas Biological Center:

A communal natural reserve administered by FUDEBIOL. Located in the basin of the San Isidro River whose altitude is between 1100 and 2400 m.s.n.m. forming part of the foothills of the Cordillera de Talamanca, Pacific sector.

An area dedicated to the protection and conservation of natural resources, an enormous natural richness of flora and fauna, characteristic of pre-montane humid rainforest, and where the water sources of the aqueduct of the City of San Isidro de El General.

In Fudebiol, in addition to carrying out volunteer projects, our groups stay and enjoy the scenery and hikes through the forest trails.

Generally, projects tend to have a little more physical effort than public school projects. As they work in the reconstruction or repair of small bridges, fences and trails, also work in green areas and painting the facilities.

As a result, it is important to emphasize that these projects are chosen and evaluated by the staff of SEPA SCHOOL, Public Schools and FUDEBIOL every year, in order that each group has an unforgettable experience and always remember that the effort and dedication it gave in each one of the Projects will be valued forever.


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