Advantages of living in a homestay in Costa Rica

Advantages of living in a homestay in Costa Rica

The most advisable thing for a student who is not yet familiar with the city is to take the option of staying at a homestay.

How does SEPA School´s homestay works?

Homestays in Costa Rica are offered by families who like to receive international students at home and  meet people from different cultures.

The family offers a comfortable room, two daily meals (breakfast and dinner), access to most of the house services such as laundry, cable and internet.

We recommended to live in a homestay because the student can practice Spanish with the family they are living with. Even, in the homestay you learn certain things of Spanish that you do not learn in school. Living with a family also gives you the opportunity to get to know the culture of Costa Ricans and get along with them.

Advantages of living in a homestay

Practical: The family has almost everything necessary to live including food. Depending on each family, you can also make use of most of the resources of the house such as laundry, cable and internet, etc. SEPA School has a long history of homestays.

Economic: Living in homestay is cheap than renting an apartment. You do not have to spend on food, groceries, cleaning products, electricity bills, water, etc. The family usually gives you everything you need.

Insurance: SEPA School has a long history of homestays; these families go through a selection process where we opt for the best homes. The homestays are selected according to the requirements of our students, so you do not have to worry about where you are going to live.

Convenient: Students are going be able to practice and improve their Spanish by interacting with the members of the family. They also help guide the student with any question about the country.

How far away are the homestays from the schools?

Throughout San Isidro de El General are located the homestays . Students can select a homestay very close to the school, or  choose a homestay a little further away.

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