HOMESTAY: Learn Spanish Faster in Costa Rica!

HOMESTAY: Learn Spanish Faster in Costa Rica!

Think about Spanish classes that you have taken before.  You attend class for 50 minutes a day in a large class, putting in your ‘sit time’ at your desk and mostly listening, reading, or writing. You go home, and at some point you do Spanish homework, wedged in amongst a lot of different class homework, and study a little more.

Now, imagine it this way.  You go to class in beautiful Costa Rica, with a small group of students, sometimes sitting for formal instruction, more often moving around and speaking Spanish as you drink it in along with the exciting smells and sites around you. Your class lasts more than a meager 50 minutes and you get plenty of time to practice what you are learning.

And then, here’s the kicker!  You go home to a well-trained, loving Spanish speaking family who talk with you in Spanish, dine with you, spend time with you, open their arms to you.  These are families who have been carefully chosen for their stable and fun personalities; then are trained in how to support your own learning of Spanish.  These are families who love teaching Spanish to their guests – to YOU.

Many people finish out their time at SEPA, ecstatic about the amazing jump they have taken in learning how to speak and understand Spanish.  But even more than that, they are thrilled to have made amazing new friends in their homestay family that will be special to them for the rest of their life.

This is how Spanish language immersion should work.  This is how we do it at SEPA.

We are waiting for you to join us!