Considered one of the most beautiful parks in the country, this Costa Rican jewel is located on the Pacific coast. Established in 1972 with an area enveloping 4,014 acres (16.24 km2, one of the smallest of Costa Rican national parks), it is the destination of as many as 150,000 visitors annually and well-known for its beautiful beaches and hiking trails. In 2011, Manuel Antonio was listed by Forbes Magazine among the world’s 12 most beautiful national parks.

Animals you may see at the park include ghost crabs, crab-eating raccoons, white-headed capuchin monkeys, mantled howler monkeys, Central American squirrel monkeys,  three-toed sloths, Hoffmann’s two-toed sloths, many different species of lizards and iguanas, hundreds of birds, and many more!

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