Chirripo National Park (4-day hike)

Accessible only by foot, Chirripo is the highest peak in Costa Rica at 12,532 ft. (3820 m) above sea level.  To get there, one must hike 11 miles up the mountain through steep and exotic terrain.

Besides conquering Cerro Chirripo, hikers are treated to the astonishing sights encountered while hiking through several different ecosystems: from pastures at San Gerardo, to the evergreen rainforest, to tundra on the highest parts of the peak! On a clear day you can see both oceans that border Costa Rica: the Pacific to the west and the Caribbean to the north-east!

Other Facts

Weather: The weather changes widely with elevation. Near the summit very strong winds have been recorded, and nighttime temperatures can drop below freezing.

Size: 123,000 acres (50,150 hectares, 192 square miles.

Elevation: from 3,000 feet (900 meters) to 12,532 feet (3,820 meters)

Chirripó takes its name from the Talamanca Indian word meaning “Place of Enchanted Waters”.  On Chirripo one finds numerous lagoons and  glacial lakes formed by movement of ice  thousands of years ago. Many of the original lakes still remain intact.

PLEASE NOTE: One must book this popular tour 2 months in advance as the park has limited admittance (in order to preserve the pristine setting for you and future generations).

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