Located about 4 miles from San Isidro downtown, Fudebiol is an organization dedicated to protect the Quebradas River basin by maintaining and expanding forest areas as well as developing sustainable practices.

What can you do at FUDEBIOL?

At Fudebiol you can get away from town and enjoy the fresh air of the mountain!


  • Go hiking with a guide on beautiful mountain trails (over 4km of trails take you up and high up on the mountain – up to 8000 feet).
  • Visit the mountain lodge
  • Explore the butterfly breeding garden
  • Experience the Sensory Garden
  • Go camping in designated areas
  • Go horseback riding
  • Go bird watching

Here, one can spend all day hiking the trails through the rainforest along one of the cleanest streams around. Don’t forget your bathing suit! At the top there are beautiful waterfalls with refreshing swimming holes. There is a conference center and a pleasant, well-tended park area complete with picnic tables. One of the main attractions is the butterfly farm.

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