Our experience learning Spanish online.

Our experience learning Spanish online.

Like people all over the world, we are staying home as much as possible. Our only trips are weekly visits to the supermarket and a fruit stand to buy food for the week.  The rest of the time the two of us are at home. After the first week or so, the novelty began to wear off, and we realized we needed to do something productive with our time, so we signed up for an on-line Spanish Language course at SEPA school. This is one of the most brilliant ideas we have had in a long time. We opted for one and a half hours of class three days a week using Skype to communicate with our teacher, and we created a schedule that fit in to our daily routine.During our first lesson, we collaborated with our teacher Karina to identify what topics we needed to cover in order to increase our ability to speak, read and write Spanish. After compiling the list, it was time to get to work. Karina is a master teacher, she uses a variety of activities and examples to illustrate the concepts she is teaching, frequently checks to assess our level of understanding, and adjusts her instruction based on those assessments. At the end of each lesson, she assigns homework that gives us the opportunity to practice what we have just learned, and at the beginning of the next class, she reviews our homework to clear up any misconceptions and deepen our understanding of the skill or concept that we have been learning. She creates a log in MS Word, recording what we learned and sends it to us after each class so we can reference it while we complete our homework. We think this is a very effective way to learn Spanish in the comfort of our home, and plan on continuing our studies on-line with SEPA school for months to come. We highly recommend on-line Spanish language classes from SEPA“.

Bob & Christine Madar-Corvallis Oregón. April-2020

Regarding SEPA School online Spanish Classes:

During this challenging time, we know that most of you are safe and isolated in your homes. That is why we want to encourage all of our students to take advantage of the situation and start doing something new, and what is a better option than learning a new language?

At SEPA School, our Online Spanish class is available for all of you. Whether you want to start studying a new language or you are a former student who wants to improve your language skills, we have an online course for you.

Description of the classes:

Our online spanish classes focus on using the communicative approach. We use activities in a situation or context with a communicative purpose. Our classes combine speaking, listening, reading and writing from the beginning, since effective communication integrates all of these skills.

We teach to your needs. Together, we determine what you need to improve your language skills (vocabulary, tenses, and verbs), and design our lessons accordingly. We teach beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

The first class is free and in that class, your teacher will evaluate you. This will help your teacher know what level you are at and what subjects you need to start practicing.


Our teachers are professionals and have received extensive training in Spanish instruction, and are qualified to teach any age, from seniors to young children. They are kind, patient and willing to help you in any subject.


Our online spanish classes are flexible and we make every effort to create a schedule according to your needs. We recommend our students take a one-hour class, three days per week. However, if you are interested in more days or hours, we can coordinate that too.

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